For Beginners

Lesson 3/23

Using Special Keys

Imagine you want to put Hello and world! in separate lines. Normally, you would just press Enter key after Hello. But how can you write this special key in a robot script? You have to use another special characters in G1ANT.Robot: triple quotation angles ( and ), which indicate a function key or a keyboard shortcut — Enter key in this example.

Press Ctrl+< and type enterinside the angles:

program notepad
keyboard ‴Hello!⋘enter⋙world!‴

Run the script. Now the words are in two lines.

Note that since there are no spaces in your text now, the triple quotation () character is no longer needed and the second line could be reduced to this:

keyboard Hello!⋘enter⋙world!

Delete the triple quotation characters and run the script. There are no errors and the output looks exactly the same.

In the next lesson you will tell the robot to use Notepad's menus.